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Financial intermediation

We are a consulting firm that supports people, companies and organizations in their growth and economic balance goals.

Growth and development:

Business and people are increasingly interconnected. Evolution has been exponential. No company or organization is the same as another. We know that.

The HH Intelligence through its entrepreneurship and its collaborative and interactive actions brings to clients customized effective solutions and concrete results.

1. Growth needs support.
2. Companies shall be economically and financially sustainable.
3. Market requires constant repositioning.
4. Planning, planning and planning, makes the difference.
5. Corporate finance must be simple.
6. Quantic jump is possible.
7. Coaching is coaching.

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BAnco Municipal de Rosario

BAnco Municipal de Rosario

Financial intermediation

Ser el banco público de la Provincia de Santa Fe, autosustentable, con amplia capacidad de operación, cimentado en un sólido desarrollo tecnológico, que aporte soluciones innovadoras de interés social, con personas facultadas y altamente comprometidas.

Como único banco público de origen local, proveemos soluciones financieras diferenciadas al sector público, instituciones, empresas e individuos alcanzando a todos los sectores sociales y privilegiando el desarrollo regional.

Conducta ética
Orientación al cliente con propuestas innovadoras
Confiabilidad y la capacidad de inspirar confianza
Efectividad en la prestación de servicios
La interacción con distintos actores sociales
Responsabilidad Social Empresaria

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Moulia, Thiele &  Partners

Moulia, Thiele & Partners

Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation

MOULIÁ - THIELE & Associates is a firm of Certified Public Accountants – Graduated in Administration which began its activities in 2000. Its legal status is that of Civil Society.

The firm was founded in Montevideo, Uruguay, by Sandra Mouliá and Paul Thiele
Public Accountants. Since its inception the firm has developed an intense professional activity that led to the incorporation of other professionals.

Partners of MOULIÁ - THIELE have a recognized career backed by several years of national and international experience in the fields of Auditing, Tax Advice, Financial - Economic Advice and Business Consulting, always developed in leading companies.

Our background in the different areas mentioned above allows us to offer advice and highly qualified service
It is particularly noteworthy that all our professional work are planned and implemented with the direct participation of at least one partner of the firm.
As complementary services, that sometimes provide a framework for our work, we are assisted by specialists who can give the necessary legal advice and service.

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