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Agriculture, hunting and forestry

Invest in agriculture.
A great opportunity to earn money. A noble and motivating activity.

Land is a mother that never dies.
- A gilt-edged opportunity: the produce of the earth, an inexhaustible raw material, a natural ressource which is renewed each year.
- An investment return now as good as that of any other economic venture, thanks to innovation production techniques and government aid.
- A dynamic insertion into the noblest activity on earth: Agriculture.
- A fundamental contribution to the development of our countryside and a reinforcement of links with the village and tradition.

Studies and projects department
- Empowering Women.
- Empowering Communities.
- Empowering Nations.
- Empowering our World

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Agricultural service activities; landscape gardening

L'entreprise ACNOR créée et dirigée par Mme Ateba Rose, qui fait dans l'agroalimentaire. Elle a mis au point une préparation arachides precuit qui facilite la cuisson des légumes (ndolè, keya, sauce blanche, banane malaxée ). Nous sommes à la recherche de subventions pour faire grandir notre entreprise rendre nôtre produit disponible sur un plus grand marché.

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