essa engineering project consultancy

essa engineering project consultancy



 Heating and Cooling System
 Plumbing System
 Air Conditioning and Ventilation System
 Fire System
 Natural Gas Installation
 Steam and Hot Water Facilities
 Automatic Control System
 Laundry and kitchen facilities
 Medical Gas Installations
 Hygienic System Design
 High Biosafety Laboratory Designs
 Industrial System Designs
 Compressed Air Installation

Mechanical systems design of criminal laboratories, special technology buildings, chemistry laboratories, physics laboratories and high bio-safety laboratories such as BSL 2 and BSL3.
Çorum Regional Hospital, Ordu Public Hospital, Ankara Koru Hospital, Konya Hospital Gaziantep 400 bed private hospital, Ahi Evran University Morphology Building, Adnan Menderes University Hospital Building and many public hospital districts and military hospital
Rize Ramada Hotel, Ankara Holıday Inn Hotel, Polatlı Yassıhöyük Thermal Hotel
Sivas Ice Hockey Hall, Isparta Sports Hall, Dursunbey Municipality Indoor Swimming Pool and Sports Halls, Mus Province Indoor Swimming Pool and Sports Halls
Consultancy service was offered about mechanical installation application to F-16 simulator buildings in various provinces needed by the Undersecretaries for Defense Industries
Izmir Slaughterhouse Systems and Cool Room System ,Erzincan Slaughterhouse Systems and Cool Room System, Boron mine packing plants, Ministry of Education Printing Center

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Agriculture, hunting and forestry

Invest in agriculture.
A great opportunity to earn money. A noble and motivating activity.

Land is a mother that never dies.
- A gilt-edged opportunity: the produce of the earth, an inexhaustible raw material, a natural resource which is renewed each year.
- An investment return now as good as that of any other economic venture, thanks to innovation production techniques and government aid.
- A dynamic insertion into the noblest activity on earth: Agriculture.
- A fundamental contribution to the development of our countryside and a reinforcement of links with the village and tradition.

Studies and projects department
- Empowering Women.
- Empowering Communities.
- Empowering Nations.
- Empowering our World

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Businessita Women Empowerment

Businessita Women Empowerment

Regulation of and contribution to more efficient operation of business

Businessita is a women empowerment organization in the business field. We provide 360 Empowerment solutions for women in business (including skills and talents development, business consultations, and resources directory). Merging passion with hard work, guaranteeing financial sustainability and professional career development.

We create opportunities for women who work or want to launch their business, to develop efficiently; in order to build a community of strong women able to assist and empower one another to achieve all their goals, and make their dreams a reality. Showing them that knowledge is indeed power.

Our Business Objectives:
• Develop the culture through the female population.
• Promote women’s self-improvement and business development for societies (of all age groups).
• Make a difference via flourishing women’s physical, mental and emotional skills.

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Global Project Partners e.V.

Global Project Partners e.V.

Other community, social and personal service activities

GPP promotes and supports the private sector as well as trade and economic associations and ngos from developing and transforming countries in establishing institutions, participatory structures, and trade and business relations with Germany and the European Union.

Its projects and events support sustainable development, the building of networks between actors from the political, social and economic sector as well as the improvement of economic and trade relations between developing countries and Germany.

  • Address: Global Project Partners e.V. Charlottenstr. 16, D 10117, Germany
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Region of activity: AFRICA
  • Activity type: Other community, social and personal service activities
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Health and social work

Expertise & Innovation dedicated to health and beauty

FJ LIFE SCIENCES creates, develops and markets patented products in the field of life sciences dedicated to pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic industries.

FJ LIFE SCIENCES offers, through out-licensing with international partners its innovative formulations and dose-forms for health and beauty. 

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Activities of other membership organizations n.e.c.

Founded in May 1986, the Association Mauricienne des Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises brings together women business-owners from all sectors of the Mauritian economy. In addition to its individual members, it also counts two institutional members, Entreprendre Féminin Océan Indien – Maurice (EFOI Maurice) and Entreprendre Féminin Océan Indien – Rodrigues (EFOI Rodrigues) FCEM is the pioneer association uniting women business owners from the world over.

  • Address: AMFCE, c/o 2, Atlas Avenue Morc, Nazroo, Pointe Aux Sables, Mauritius, 230 11120, Mauritius
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +230 5941 8661
  • Region of activity: AFRICA Mauritius
  • Activity type: Activities of other membership organizations n.e.c.
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 JLA Leadership sarl

JLA Leadership sarl


Master Franchiseur Ecobati Matériaux écologiques pour l'habitat et le bâtiment.
Importation, exportation, distribution de systèmes techniques, matériaux, matériels et solutions environnementales. Traitement de l'eau.
Conseils, études et montages de dossier de financement européens. Produits : panneaux solaires photovoltaïques, traitement de l'eau, plafonds chauffants rafraichissants.
Maisons Ossatures bois. Maisons Container.
Au Maroc Irrigation gouttes à gouttes, pompage solaire, vente de chauffe eau solaires et d’éclairages privés et publiques à LED et solaires.

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Maskot AS

Maskot AS

Transport, storage and communication

Maskot has been in tourism in shipping business for more than 25 years. Our tourism branch specializes in incoming, hotel reservation, concierge, events and organizations in Turkey. Our shipping branch mainly deals with representing cruise companies as port agent for all ports in Turkey. Also we work as designing and controlling the supply chain for our customers for their import and export operations via sea,land and air transportations.

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