Agriculture, hunting and forestry

LETIS es una certificadora de calidad: produccion organica, global G.A.P, HACCP, BPA, auditamos y certificamos normas de calidad en las areas de agricultura, ganaderia, procesamiento de alimentos, textiles, agricultura, viñedos y bodegas, entre otros

  • Address: San Lorenzo 2261, Piso 1, Rosario (S2000KPA) SANTA FE, Argentina
  • Website: http://www.letis.org
  • Email: letis@letis.org
  • Phone: +54 341 426-4244
  • Region of activity: SOUTH AMERICA
  • Activity type: Agriculture, hunting and forestry
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Agricultural service activities; landscape gardening

L'entreprise ACNOR créée et dirigée par Mme Ateba Rose, qui fait dans l'agroalimentaire. Elle a mis au point une préparation arachides precuit qui facilite la cuisson des légumes (ndolè, keya, sauce blanche, banane malaxée ). Nous sommes à la recherche de subventions pour faire grandir notre entreprise rendre nôtre produit disponible sur un plus grand marché.

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ALIWEN / TMC partners sprl

ALIWEN / TMC partners sprl

Forestry, logging and related service activities

Préservation de l'Environnement/ diagnostic sanitaire d'arbres /

Murielle EYLETTERS is an expert in the area of plant physiology and urban trees management for public and private institutions...

Founder of the company ALIWEN spin-off witch finds its origin at the Plant Agrotechnologies Laboratory (ULB – Université Libre de Bruxelles).
Services and products : Health diagnosis, tree management plan, inventory of trees, Aliwen TREE MANAGER© an internet application for managing trees.

Member of FCE Belgium.

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Cado Soluciones Integrales SAC

Cado Soluciones Integrales SAC

Growing of cereals and other crops n.e.c.

Founded by Doris Alarcon Jimenez, with extensive experience in foreign trade, She work in the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism, PromPeru, a governmental Institution, foreign promotion strategies, in the different markets in the world.
This experience leads Doris to take on a personal commitment to bring the world’s homes, products that can provide not only nutrition, energy and health, but also bring some of the magic of this rich and diverse land, as well as improve the quality of life of the communities.
Active member of AMEP PERU, a non-profit women’s association that seeks to contribute to the development, growth and professionalization of Peruvian women entrepreneurs.
Doris is a daring and innovative entrepreneur who seeks to strengthen ties, build bridges and be a facilitator for international commercial relations. One of her main markets is the People’s Republic of China, and she is also a member of CAPECHI, Peruvian Chamber of Commerce of China.

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Consultancy office created in 1998
The main activities of this office are :
Exports promotion
client satisfaction survey an studies
market studies
market analysis
busness definition
strategy defining
Training in marketing

  • Address: Centre Amadou Malik Gaye Bopp Dakar , DAKAR 32065 dakar Ponty, Senegal
  • Email: mcfsolmar@hotmail.com
  • Region of activity: AFRICA Senegal
  • Activity type: Fishing
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