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BIDSNET Business, investment, Devlopment, Services is a platform create by FCEM, assocation that connects 5 millions of women entrepreneurs in more than 120 lands and 5 continents.

The objectives of the Bidsnet are :

  • create a solidary economy by e-business
  • share informations and experiences
  • create a peer-training network

The access to the Bidsnet is free for Entreprises that are registered to an FCEM association (see list).

Please contact your association for account validation.

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Development Services.

A business-to-business marketplace to promote your business locally, nationally and internationally.


Economic Partners.

A data bank of experts in all areas of activity. It is an asset for training and consultancy to affiliated companies.


Financial Partners.

A data bank of companies projects to establish the relationship between supply and demand of investments.

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How to register?

To register on BidsNet, introduce your details and the one of your organization: company, association or personnal expertise (for the data base of experts).
If you wish to appear on the home page, under the heading of "Experts of the month", thank you to contact your national association FCE.

Your personal "contact" details will not be published but allow BidsNet to send your password and send you information to manage your file.

What to do after registration

After registration, an email is sent to the contact e.mail with a password. Just sign in once to activate, thus making visible, your organization.

Once connected, you can:
Enable or disable your organization,
Add a logo and other data about your organization,
Add more activities or regions,
Create products or services to publish,
Change your password.

How to modify my informations?

To modify your company, association or personnal details encode your password and you reach your data.

To appear as expert in the search result, just add a portrait picture in your profile.

How to appear In The Spotlight on the homepage?

There are two In The Spotlight sections on the homepage: products and services on one hand, and the experts on the other hand.
Additionally to be "active", it is required to upload a picture (picture 1 of the product/service or portrait picture in your profile). Then, contact your FCE responsible who can add you In The Spotlight.
A maximum of 4 thumbnails per country are displayed randomly.

How to become a FCEM member?

Notes for FCEM associations:
Each registered member will be automatically linked to the FCEM association of the country.
As FCEM national association you have access to all your members data. You can also create directly files for your members.

Please contact the staff of BidsNet to register as an FCEM association.

FAQ for FCE associations

A special FAQ, more detailled, is done for the FCE associations that can manage their FCE members.